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Southridge is co-ed, K-12 independent day school located in South Surrey, BC. We develop well-rounded students with the love of learning, character, and confidence to make the world a better place.

At Southridge, we believe that a well-rounded education isn't just about academics. Our K-12 curriculum provides opportunities for authentic, experiential learning and our programs and culture foster the development of leadership, character and skills that enable our students to realize their full potential. While nearly 100% of our graduates enroll in a 4-year university degree program, we believe what's important is that our students graduate with the skills and character to confidently step out into the world and make it a better place.

That’s why we place equal emphasis on character development and academic learning – and why our curriculum and culture emphasize independent critical thinking, experiential learning, and service to others.

We are a place where every spirit can soar

Our school motto is “Let Every Spirit Soar”. We want our students to discover their passion and purpose while they’re with us – and to support others in doing the same.

We want them to develop integrity and emotional intelligence – and a lifelong love of learning. We help them mature into compassionate leaders, and to become resilient problem-solvers who understand that challenges are part of any successful journey.

Perhaps the most visible symbol of Southridge values is our unlocked lockers. Since the school opened in 1995, locks have remained off our lockers as a sign of the trust and respect we have for each other, and the values we expect our students to live.

We are unique among independent schools in making character development, the conscious nurturing of each student’s potential, and community service an integral part of our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles. In our view, it is these things that will make the biggest difference in our students’ lives – whatever path they choose.

Why Southridge?

We are all one

"We Are All One” is a phrase that means different things to different people, but at its essence it speaks to the power of a committed community and the individuals within it to change the world. We are one community with shared values and goals – we live the values of truth, tolerance, compassion and respect. Together, we accomplish extraordinary things.

We are also individuals with unique skills and passions who bring our own energy and solutions to the world around us. We are united by our similarities and inspired by our differences.

One idea can influence the world. One voice can connect a community. One spirit can inspire others to soar. We support each child in being that “one” who makes a difference.