Southridge is a K-12 independent day school located in South Surrey, BC. We develop well-rounded students with the love of learning, character, and confidence to make the world a better place.

At Southridge, our students not only receive a first-rate education, they set out on a journey of discovery, exploring their passions and purpose, engaging with new ideas and technology, and developing the leadership skills, character and confidence that will carry them through life.

Our K-12 independent day school located on 17 acres in South Surrey, BC has always offered an education with a difference.

Since 1995, our students have graduated with offers to top-tier universities around the world in the Sciences, Arts, Engineering and Business but, more than that, they have graduated with a sense of purpose, knowing that wherever they go in life, they have the ability to make a difference in the world.

We Are All One

Service and community lie at the core of Southridge, and the school tagline “We Are All One” was developed in 2011 to express this. It’s a phrase that speaks to the power of a committed community, and the individuals within it, to change the world. It recognizes that we are one community with shared goals, and we live the values of truth, tolerance, compassion, and respect. Together, we can accomplish extraordinary things. It also recognizes that we are individuals with unique skills and passions who bring our own solutions to the world. One idea, one voice, and one spirit can change the world.

Southridge School Profile 2023