Southridge is co-ed, K-12 independent day school located in South Surrey, BC. We develop well-rounded students with the love of learning, character, and confidence to make the world a better place.

A well-rounded education has always been about more than academic success at Southridge. We are proud of what our students accomplish, but more than that, we are proud of who they become – globally minded citizens with strong minds and good hearts.

Our community is our most important legacy: the students we enroll each year, the graduating classes that attend top universities around the world, the school community that supports them, and our thriving alumni. All of them make a difference every day:  in our school, in their families, workplaces, and communities, and on the world stage.

They are the reason Southridge was founded. Since our doors first opened in 1995, we have supported our students in challenging themselves, discovering new passions, and developing the leadership skills and character that help them realize their full potential.

At Southridge, our goal will always be to provide the skills, learning, character development, and community that our students need to make a difference in the world – whatever path they choose and whatever that world may be. 

We Are All One

Service and community lie at the core of Southridge, and the school tagline “We Are All One” was developed in 2011 to express this. It’s a phrase that speaks to the power of a committed community, and the individuals within it, to change the world. It recognizes that we are one community with shared goals, and we live the values of truth, tolerance, compassion, and respect. Together, we can accomplish extraordinary things. It also recognizes that we are individuals with unique skills and passions who bring our own solutions to the world. One idea, one voice, and one spirit can change the world.

At Southridge, students discover their passion and purpose, and graduate with the knowledge, character, and confidence to make a difference in the world.

No Locks on our Lockers
Mr. Brown’s vision for Southridge continues to be exemplified by our unlocked lockers. Since the school opened in 1995, locks have remained off the lockers as a sign of the trust and respect we have for each other and the values we expect our students to live.

Volunteering is at the very heart of the Southridge experience. Since the beginning, the support of the Southridge community has been remarkable. Our families, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends have remained loyal to our unwavering commitment to leaving Southridge better for the next generation of students and families who will follow.

Our community contributes thousands of volunteer hours each year. From flipping burgers or making coffee at BBQ’s to supporting major events like the Gala, Country Fair, and Golf Tournament, serving hot lunch, helping in the Uniform Shop, or providing leadership and strategic guidance about the future of our school as members of our Board of Governors, volunteering is indeed a distinct, unique and foundational element of Southridge, without which, our school would not be here today.

School Crest
Southridge’s crest was designed in 1994 during the school’s early planning stages. It features a traditional shield shape and ribbon displaying the school motto “Omnis Anima Volet” or, “Let Every Spirit Soar”, with modern, West Coast imagery.

Local artist Don Li-Leger designed the crest, using the negative space of a leaping whale to create a bird, and to express the idea of “soaring”. The bird’s identity was deliberately left open to interpretation – it be an eagle, a symbol of power and strength, or as a dove, a symbol of tolerance, care, and service.

We are a place where every spirit can soar
Our school motto is “Let Every Spirit Soar”. We want our students to discover their passion and purpose while they’re with us – and to support others in doing the same.

We want our students to develop integrity and emotional intelligence – and a lifelong love of learning. We help them mature into compassionate leaders, and resilient problem-solvers who understand that challenges are part of any successful journey.

We are unique among independent schools in making character development, the conscious nurturing of each student’s potential, and community service integral parts of our Mission Statement and Guiding Principles. In our view, it is these things that will make the biggest difference in our students’ lives – whatever path they choose.