Board of Governors

The South Surrey Independent School Society operates Southridge School. Our Board of Governors consists of volunteers who agree to serve the school and work together to put the interests of Southridge above all other considerations in their decision making with respect to the school. The Board is charged with governance, not the management of the school. It delegates all school operational day-to-day responsibilities to the Head of School and is responsible for hiring and evaluating the Head.

Our Board is responsible for shaping and upholding the present and future vision and mission of the school while honouring its past. It is also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the success of the school in fulfilling its mission and for providing strategic direction to the school. Board members are elected to serve based on their commitment to the school and the expertise they bring to the Board.

Our Board structures itself to fulfill essential governance duties and to support organizational priorities. The Board has the ultimate responsibility for the financial condition of the school and its physical plant. Its primary constituency is our current student body and it makes decisions based upon what is in the best long-term interest of the school. No Board member represents any particular constituency, but rather the institution as a whole.