Our Foundations

In 2020, Southridge celebrated a 25-year-long tradition of developing students with strong minds and good hearts who make a difference in the world. 

From the original group of 181 students, we now have more than 1,000 alumni: compassionate leaders, dedicated volunteers, and caring individuals who make a difference in their families, workplaces, communities, and on the world stage. 

From the original group of committed parents, we now have a legacy of strong community support, as Southridge families continue to come together to forge friendships, support the school, and accomplish great things as a community. 

From the original dream of Alan Brown and the founding families – which had no buildings, no teachers, no students or staff – we now have 17 acres of land, thriving Junior and Senior Schools, 680 students, 114 faculty and staff, and a school with a solid foundation of academic excellence, fiscal stability, strong governance, and committed community. Today, we continue to follow closely the foundations that our school were built on. 

Southridge Foundations