Strategic Plan

At Southridge, we share a common goal: raising committed, wholesome people who will realize their potential and contribute to the greater good. Our strategic plan, Driven to Make a Difference, shows us the way forward.

Southridge has accomplished so much on so many levels: we have been recognized as a leader in academic excellence - graduating students who are ready to pursue their chosen post-secondary pursuits; our community is strong and committed; and we are governed by a Board that is fiscally prudent and proactive. After 25 years of hard work, reflection and determined action, our school is in a fortunate position.

The time has come, then, to push forward in a new direction. Now is the time to refine our focus, to act strategically in ways that are both forward-thinking and student-centred, without ever losing sight of the things that make us strong.

Strategic Plan Booklet


Why does Southridge have a strategic plan?

Strategic plans are extremely important for all organizations - and Southridge is no different.

A strategic plan articulates a shared vision for the future. It enables our entire community to work towards common goals and ensures that each of us are aware of how our actions are contributing to the achievement of these goals.

A strategic plan also encourages commitment by our faculty & staff, by helping each person understand that their contribution to Southridge is an essential part of ensuring our school's success.

Speaking of success, the strategic plan also helps us define what success means to us, as a school. With a clear strategic plan, we can monitor progress towards key outcomes, we can shift or adjust as things evolve, and we can evaluate areas where we may be getting off track.

For our Board of Governors, the strategic plan is an essential document. It helps them evaluate the health of our school, and ensures they are able to make prudent decisions regarding tuition rates and capital planning.

Most importantly, the strategic plan provides a framework for our school's most important priority - our students. Driven to Make a Difference, in particular, puts students at the heart of all decision-making, ensuring they not only receive an outstanding education, but that they flourish as individuals, discover their passion and purpose, and develop the integrity, confidence and character to make the world a better place.

How will Southridge equip each student for their path ahead?

  • We will ensure our students develop a strong sense of belonging and well-being.
  • We will enable our students to better know themselves by developing an environment that promotes enhanced self-knowledge and self-advocacy.
  • We will equip our students with the resilience and skills needed to thrive in, and contribute to, our changing world.

How will Southridge develop a creative and supportive environment for learning and work?

  • We will attract, retain and develop outstanding faculty, staff and leaderhip.
  • We will develop enhanced facilities for student learning and our community's interaction.

How will Southridge embrace and engage its diverse community?

  • We will build strong ties across our Southridge community through:
      • enhanced relationships across our Kindergarten to Grade 12 faculty, staff and students
      • strong family/school partnerships
      • an engaged and active alumni body

How is Driven to Make a Difference different from the school's previous strategic plans?

Students are at the heart of this strategic plan.

Southridge is a young school - at only 25 years of age, our story is one of determined action, hard work, and commitment. We have achieved so much in our short history - we are recognized as a leader in academic excellence; our graduates are resilient problem-solvers, compassionate leaders, and caring individuals; our community is amazingly strong; and we are governed by a Board that is fiscally prudent and proactive. We are in an enviable position of strength - but it didn't come easily. Our first 25 years were defined by people working arm in arm to establish this strong foundation, from which we now push forward in a new direction.

Driven to Make a Difference moves us forward into our next 25 years. This plan will guide us to refine our focus, to act strategically in ways that are both forward-thinking and student-focused, and ensures we are intentional and purposeful in ensuring our students are at the heart of all decision-making.

What are some accomplishments from your last strategic plan (Making Southridge Even Better)?

We are very proud of the achievements of our most recently-completed strategic plan, Making Southridge Even Better, which concluded in spring 2017. Some of the key accomplishments from this plan include:

  • Refinements to our K-12 curriculum, including a specific focus on improving the transition and preparation of our Junior School students to the Senior School
  • Enhancements to our staff & faculty benefits program
  • The implementation of a comprehensive financial assistance program, including bursaries and merit scholarships
  • The development of a long-term vision for the future of our campus – our Campus Master Plan
  • An increased emphasis on our alumni relations program, ensuring strategies are in place to stay connected with our graduates after they move on from Southridge.

Request a Copy

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