Why Southridge?

At Southridge, we’re proud of the work we do, the results we achieve, and the students we graduate.

Your child’s personality, learning style and academic ability, as well as your own family values, goals and priorities are all things you should consider when choosing an independent school. No two schools are the same – just as no two children or families are the same. We encourage you to focus not on finding the best school – but on finding the right school. Flip through the booklet below to find out why Southridge might be the right school for your family.

We teach your child to make a difference

At Southridge, we believe that a strong character is just as important as a strong mind, so we place equal importance on character development and academic learning. Our goal is to give our students a first-rate education, along with the integrity, compassion and confidence to apply it in a way that makes a positive difference in the world.

We don’t just talk about character, we incorporate character-building into every facet of our curriculum through our Personal Development Program. We teach ethics, discuss morals, and explore the idea of “goodness”. Every day, in class, on the playing fields, and through service opportunities, our students practice aligning their behaviour with their values. 

Our graduates are resilient problem-solvers who understand that challenges and failures are part of any successful journey. They are compassionate leaders who support others’ success as well as their own. 

Hear our students’ opinions about the importance of character

We help your child discover and express their passion and purpose

Every child is unique. At Southridge, we offer a supportive environment in which students can discover, explore, and share their passions. It’s our goal to help them develop their interests and gifts and find their unique place in the world, so that they can lead lives of meaning, purpose, and contribution. In addition to a challenging academic curriculum, we offer strong Arts, Athletic, and Co-curricular programs, including Outdoor Education, so that each child has the opportunity to explore their interests and develop the kind of mentor/student relationships that lead to success.

We believe in our students, so that they will believe in themselves

At Southridge, we believe in the power of mentorship, we strive to develop authentic relationships with each and every student. We know that the words and actions of just one trusted adult, other than a parent, can make a positive, life-changing difference in a child’s life. Our goal is to provide not just one, but a team of trusted adults who will make your child feel empowered to tackle challenges, take risks, make mistakes, and learn as much from their failures as their successes.

Southridge was built for a place of purpose

Southridge is unique in that it wasn’t founded to create a place of privilege and prestige. It was created in 1995 through the sheer determination of a group of committed parents and Headmaster Emeritus, Alan Brown. Their goal was to create an educational alternative, a school community focused on developing people who would help to make the world a better place.

To this day, the families at Southridge come together, forge friendships, support each other and the school. Together, we accomplish great things.

We create creative, critical, independent thinkers

At Southridge, we believe that tomorrow’s thought leaders are developed by teaching today’s children how to solve problems and probe for deeper meaning, to listen and collaborate, and to engage in energetic and respectful debate. We call upon our students to show up, speak up, and stand up; to think independently, contribute to the collective, and to use their minds to reflect, analyse, and consider, rather than to receive, repeat and memorize. It’s our goal to create a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

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Lifelong friendships and memories are created here

In our halls, you’ll hear Southridge described as “a lighthearted place of serious purpose”, meaning that we balance our rigorous learning environment with opportunities to have fun, build school spirit, and create lasting memories.

Our classrooms brim with energy, debate, and laughter. Our school spirit is loud and proud. Whether playing on the field, practicing debate, creating a piece of art, cycling the Kettle Valley Railway, kayaking or snowshoeing, students create memories that will last a lifetime.

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