Southridge School Alumni Association

Alumni Executive Board Nomination Form

To run for election to the Alumni Executive Board (the “Board”) of the Southridge School Alumni Association and/or to nominate someone else to run, please complete form below. Every candidate must consent to being nominated by signing this form. Candidates may nominate themselves and are encouraged to do so.

In addition to completing this form, each candidate must provide a general statement of up to 250 words explaining his or her background, what he or she plans to contribute to the Board and the Southridge School Alumni Association, and/or any other information deemed relevant by the candidate. Please provide this statement over email to, either in the body of the email or in a Word attachment. In addition, each candidate may include a photo of him or herself in jpeg format. By signing this nomination form, the candidate acknowledges that any statement and/or photo provided alongside this nomination form may be made publicly available as part of the nomination and election process. The Association will not publicly disclose the candidate’s contact information without the candidate’s consent.

NOMINATIONS CLOSE ON MARCH 28, 2022 AT 4PM. This form and any statements or photos must be provided by this deadline.