Returning to Southridge
Brea Gieschen (Class of 2015)
Kindergarten Associate Teacher
Brea developed a love for education very early in life. She credits her involvement while a student at Southridge School for helping her realize that she should follow that passion. “It was my grade 6 teacher, Ms. Watson, that encouraged me to work with the younger students in the Junior School, and that experience was the beginning of my path in education,” said Brea. Working with all those young children helped Brea develop her confidence to complete a Degree in Education from Vancouver Island University in 2020 and immediately seek employment in the lower mainland. “The light and love that kids put off in the classroom is such a motivator.” “It’s what motivated me to want to pursue a career in primary year education.”
For Brea, working with kids allows her to embrace her inner child. “When I saw the opportunity at Southridge School last year, I knew it would be a great opportunity for me to grow my teaching skills in a supportive and caring environment, one that I trusted as a Southridge lifer myself.” Brea was excited about joining Southridge in a professional capacity because she trusted that Southridge would warmly welcome her back and development her educator skills.
Brea enjoys dancing, watching reality TV (she chuckled because she knows its terrible content) and cuddling with her three pet bunnies (two of whom are new babies in the Gieschen household).
Southridge is pleased to welcome another alumnus to the roster of excellent faculty teaching at Southridge School. Welcome, Brea!