Access the Southridge Alumni Network on LinkedIn

As a graduate of Southridge, you are part of a unique network of people which you likely haven't fully tapped into yet – your alumni network. They have a lot in common with you – they took the same classes (with many of the same teachers), they participated in the same student organizations and clubs, and they spent a lot of their time in the same spots that you did. Alumni have good memories of their school experience and are usually willing to extend a helping hand to other alumni.

Here are some valuable tips on connecting and reconnecting with fellow graduates through LinkedIn....

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile (if you haven't already done so). For new Southridge graduates, you might not have considered this yet. Perhaps you are in your early University years and think you will worry about connecting with professionals once you graduate. Or perhaps you think that LinkedIn doesn't apply to you. But there is never a better time than the present, and according to Omar Garriott, Director, Product Marketing at Salesforce, "LinkedIn is the place to find and be found".

    "Think of LinkedIn as your resume that never sleeps. But a lot more. It's your professional brand in the world. It's the result you actually want up top when someone Googles you (which they will!)

    It's who you are to employers, grad schools, future colleagues, and people you're gonna want to stay connected to. Including those 'old people' who may just hire you someday.

    The site has well over a million and a half student jobs and internships. And more than 9 in 10 companies use LinkedIn to recruit new hires. If you're not on LinkedIn, you simply don't exist in the working world."

    To learn more about creating a LinkedIn profile, and how to do it right, click here.
  2. Join your alumni community. This is the first essential step to connecting with your alumni network on LinkedIn. Once you have created a profile, scroll to the education section of your page and click 'edit'. To add a new school, click 'add'. Type, 'Southridge School' and then select the official school page (look for the Southridge logo) from the list that appears. Note: Currently, many alumni have manually typed in 'Southridge School' under their education profile. Unfortunately, this does not allow you to join the LinkedIn alumni community - you need to make sure you have the official Southridge School page listed under your education profile to be added to the alumni network.
  3. View the Southridge alumni network. Once you have officially joined the Southridge alumni community, you can visit the official page for Southridge School and click 'see alumni' (see screenshot below). This will take you to the Southridge School Career Insights page, where you can view where alumni live and work. You can even search alumni by job field to narrow down your search.

Once you have joined the Southridge Alumni community on LinkedIn and viewed the alumni network, you can identify alumni in your desired field and location, and consider reaching out. While there are no guarantees, fellow grads are more likely to reply to a networking request than random strangers because you share a common experience. Good luck and happy connecting!

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