Check out the new Southridge Alumni Logo!

Alumni Logo

We are very excited to announce the creation of a new logo dedicated to our alumni!

The alumni community has grown significantly over the years; from just 14 graduates in 1999 (our first graduating class), to well over 1,000 graduates today!

With such a significant alumni population, we thought it was time to create a symbol to reflect this important group of people who are integral to the Southridge story. The creation of the logo included input from members of our Alumni Association whose feedback helped us arrive at the finalized design.

You will see we retained many elements of the school's familiar crest logo, but adopted a distinguished look and feel enhancing the gold elements and transforming the traditional crest into a circular shape. We also decided to use the school's classic font to make a connection to our humble beginnings.  

In the upcoming weeks, we will update our alumni social media channels, marketing literature, and online presence with the new logo. We hope it reminds you all that you are and will always be a valued member of the Southridge community!  

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