Alumni Stories

At Southridge, contribution is at the heart of what we inherit and pass on, and 27 years into our journey, we remain grateful for the visionary contributions of our parents, students, teachers, leaders, alumni, and alumni families. Reaching this important milestone as a community is a testament to the people who worked tirelessly to establish our school. The foundational principles they embedded in the Southridge culture have created a close and connected community, and they have had an enduring impact on our over 1,400 graduates. 


Jacob Andreou

"The core values we’ve centered around at Snap are ‘Kind, Smart, and Creative.’ I believe each of these values were important at Southridge, and they continue to serve both myself and the company as our North Star today."


Teresita Aristizabal '10

"Service was an everyday part of life at Southridge.
By recognizing students for their contributions to service, and helping them to connect with volunteer opportunities, the school helped to solidify service as a constant in my life.”


Serena Bonneville '14

“When I was going through chemotherapy,
I saw first-hand the power of this community.
I didn’t have to give up my dreams, they helped me achieve them. Now, as a consultant, I find myself drawn to organizations where people are like-minded and positive, working towards a common goal.”

Aaron Coret '02

“Southridge gave me the focus on academics, and support I needed to succeed and get into the Engineering program at UBC. It was the key stepping stone to my success in university, which then opened up the door to me starting two companies.”


Andrew Cho '05

“Southridge offered a unique level of support and flexibility. I was able to pursue a professional mountain biking career as a student because my teachers were willing to schedule around my competitions. And even though my injury occurred 12 years after graduation, I felt the support and connection to former teachers.”


Hannah Chung '03

“Southridge taught me that whatever you do – enjoy it. No matter how you perform, or what the reviews of your work may be, no one can take the joy away from you.”



Krittika D’Silva '11

“Southridge instilled in me the importance of not only pursuing academics, but also of being a well-rounded person. I built passions outside of the classroom, such as hiking and backpacking, that – like my academic studies – have helped to mold me into the person I am today.”

Sanya Grover '18

The mentors I had at Southridge went above and beyond in not only magnifying my strengths, but also in providing support and guidance for my personal growth.”


Sally Hynes (Higgins) '99

“Southridge really prepared me for university, which gave me the confidence to apply to medical school. Equally important, the school taught me tenacity – I learned to move past failures and keep working towards my goals."



Darren Jones '01

“I had truly exceptional teachers when I was at Southridge, some of whom I work with today! They revealed what a really good education looks like – it was transformative for me. I want to have the same impact on others that they had on me.”


Amit Kainth '06

“Southridge gave me the foundation to be as successful as I have been. The work ethic instilled in secondary school, at such a young age, was essential in my path to becoming a surgeon.”


Rob Levy '06

“Southridge taught me the importance of having a strong educational foundation and the importance of making time for other things in life, like rugby and community service. I met some of my best friends at Southridge – as well as my wife – and I am grateful to have spent my childhood and adolescent years within the walls of such an amazing school.”



Emily MacDougall '04

“My parents instilled a sense of social responsibility and empathy in me from when I was young. Southridge fostered that, providing space and opportunities for me to lead service activities and explore my interests in international development in the classroom.”


Andrew Martin '05

“Southridge measures among the most significant communities that have shaped my path. The school’s commitment to creating a nurturing space, founded on trust, and marked by caring relationships among teachers, parents and students across grade levels, encouraged me to take initiative, develop confidence, and explore budding interests.”

Emily Payne '05

“I wouldn’t be doing what I do today, if I hadn’t gone to Southridge. It was my first exposure to a community of peers who were passionate about volunteering and who cared about issues in the world.”



Jennifer Pikard '03

“I had a series of teachers who sparked a love of learning in me, and one in particular, Mr. Knihniski, who told me that he believed in me, and that I could accomplish whatever was in my heart and mind. Each day since, I’ve wanted to make him proud and prove him right.”


Hugh Podmore '08

"If I hadn’t gone to Southridge, my career path might have been very different. I was a smart kid who got by on good test results, but put little effort into my homework – I was under-performing relative to my potential. At Southridge, however, I was put on a plan that was tied to my level of effort, rather than my grades. On this plan, by Grade 10, I had  overcome my bad habits and I was able to go on to university and succeed."

Lisa Raeburn '03

“The incredible science program at Southridge propelled me into the sciences at university – the dedication of my teachers showed me that if I worked hard, there was nothing that I couldn’t overcome and accomplish.”

Prem Sai Ramani '13

“I had so many good teachers at Southridge: their passion for teaching, friendliness, and approachability made learning fun – it developed my interest in a wide range of subject matters.”



Kristine Ramsbottom '11

“It isn’t until years later that you realize how much Southridge shaped you as a person: how you were trained to think critically, produce good work, and present yourself well. These skills have proven invaluable in business.”



Joshua Rasera '08

“My academic success was hugely influenced by the rigour of the education I received at Southridge and the work ethic I developed. It was a competitive environment, but the ethos of Omnis Anima Volet made it safe to take risks and try new things.”

Alanna Ray '05

“The connections I made at Southridge were so important to my formative adolescent years, and have continued to play a crucial role in my life. Having the opportunity to attend a small, supportive school offered me exposure to a wide variety of opportunities that I’m not sure I would have had otherwise.”

Albert Seo '16

“Southridge created an environment where I could pursue my music and still come to school feeling like I belonged with my peers. It taught me to appreciate diversity – to approach people with different interests and passions with an open mind, and to keep myself curious about other aspects of the world.”  

Spencer Thomas '15

"Southridge prepared me in so many ways for the path I’m on, from knowing what the university environment would be like, to how to speak publicly, carry myself, and make presentations. Those skills were invaluable when I was speaking at events across the country as a member of the flight team.”


Aquil Virani '08

“My time as Head Boy at Southridge taught me how small actions can have a huge effect. The stimulating and supportive environment at the school – and emphasis on being a better person – nourished my curiosity, and fueled my desire to create art that matters.”