There are many different paths to developing leadership at Southridge. All require the courage to take personal responsibility for one’s own development as well as an awareness of, and commitment to taking individual action that contributes to the common good. Whether in a formal or informal position, leading is about the self in relationship to, and service of the other.

The opportunities for developing leadership start in Junior School and grow as students’ abilities develop through Senior School. The opportunities come in the classroom, where students are encouraged to take the risks required to become independent, confident, self-motivated learners. They come on the athletic fields, which reward self-discipline while building self-confidence and sensitivity to the needs of the team – in victory and defeat. And they come in formal positions in groups, clubs or projects.

In the arts, leadership can mean developing one’s own creativity – or nurturing that of others with encouragement and role modeling. It can be giving – or taking direction, and understanding the power of art to affect one’s community.

In outdoor education, each student learns to look to his or her own safety while supporting others in overcoming obstacles as a team. Service -- small group, class-wide, grade-wide, or school-wide – teaches delegation and management – and the need for personal commitment for making a difference in the world.

Whatever the opportunity for developing leadership at Southridge, the focus is discovering and sharing one’s strengths to make a difference in the world.