The capacity to reflect, act and choose is critical to making sound decisions, an essential part of being a leader. Teaching this action cycle is central to the PGDP.

The academic component is structured to provide abundant opportunities to engage in subject disciplines, school-wide educational initiatives, cross-curricular projects and independent study in ways that develop char­acter, leadership, and personal and practical skills. It also seeks to lead each student to become aware of how he or she learns, and to become advocates for their own leaning. To these themes, the Senior School adds a focus on principled action and identifying and pursuing individual interests.


The focus in the Primary Years Programme (PYP) is on experiential learning that encourages curiosity and active physical, mental and social exploration of the world around them in the classroom, on field trips and through subject matter experts in science. In the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the focus expands to investigating eight disciplines concurrently, ensuring that students have a bal­anced curriculum each year. The aim is to foster genuine understanding of each discipline’s concepts and an ability to apply these in new contexts, particularly when linked to a global context.


In addition to continued focus on the core academic disciplines, the development of emotional understanding, or empathy, that underpins all moral action and reasoning takes on a greater emphasis. Teacher/student relationships are characterized by re­spectful, friendly interactions, and peer-to-peer relationships are nurtured to promote tolerance, compassion and collaboration.

Experiential learning in academics focuses on building authentic leaning experiences into the curriculum, while character development emphasizes the importance of acting in a principled and ethical manner. Encouraging the development of critical thinking, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills
support the development of the capacity for self-exploration and overall leadership ability.