Happy Holidays from Southridge!
Wendy Turriff

It’s been a challenging start to the school year. Many of our regular activities, routines, and practices have had to be adjusted to ensure our health and safety during this pandemic.

While it’s easy to say we should focus on the pros and the brighter side of all these changes, they no doubt take a toll on the best of us...and that’s to be expected.

It’s natural to be disappointed that for the first time ever, we’re unable to share the upcoming holiday season and winter break with our extended family and friends (outside our households). However, the key is to remember that this is necessary at this point in time, so the virus does not continue to spread. We must do our part now so that we have a better chance of lowering our COVID-19 numbers over the coming weeks and months (and avoid further lockdowns). As they say, “short term pain for long term gain”.

So you may be wondering, what am I supposed to do over this winter break aside from catch up on my sleep and Netflix?! Here are some fun and simple winter break activity ideas:

  • Read books for pleasure
  • Write for pleasure (journal, poetry, short stories, etc.)
  • Try a new type of art for fun (so many ideas on YouTube!)
  • Bake cookies/small treats and drop them off curbside for family/friends
  • Try new recipes and make meals for your family
  • Go for a nature walk/hike (so many parks to choose from!)
  • Organize a family scavenger hunt (indoor or outdoor - this is a good way to liven up family walks)
  • Build a fort, play games, or do some crafting
  • Work on a new puzzle or lego set (the 3D ones are pretty cool!)
  • Do a family polar bear swim
  • Make and enjoy some new playlists (work out, relaxation, holiday favourites)
  • From London to Seoul, take a virtual museum tour
  • Find a virtual travel experience to cure wanderlust (CN Tower, Great Wall of China, Wonders of the World, Sistine Chapel, etc.)
  • Organize a virtual book club between grandchildren and grandparents
  • Organize areas of your home that need it (Home Edit, anyone?!)
  • Make a 2020 family photobook
  • Enjoy quality time with your family at home (be grateful for all your blessings)

Best wishes from all of us at Southridge for a healthy, happy holiday season and restful winter break!