The Value of One - The Power of Many
Christiane Hodson

This week is National Volunteer Week in Canada and, during a typical year at Southridge, we’re usually too busy volunteering to celebrate. Because in a typical year, we’d be getting ready for our annual Country Fair – our ‘signature’ event and one that requires the support of nearly every parent, student, and staff member. With more than 900 volunteer shifts, the Country Fair has always epitomized why volunteering and Southridge are synonymous.

The theme of this year’s National Volunteer Week is The Value of One, The Power of Many. The theme, selected by Volunteer Canada, could not be more appropriate for 2021. Since last spring, we have seen first-hand how much value is in the action of one person reaching out to another ‘just to check in’ and we have seen the power of our collective efforts in staying home for the common good.

At Southridge, this theme especially rings true. Since the pandemic began, we have seen:

The value of one parent organizing a drive-by birthday party for the child of another.
The power of many parents decorating their vehicles and making that child’s birthday one they’ll never forget. 

The value of one student organizing a fundraiser for our local hospital and front-line health workers.
The power of many students getting behind her and donating their own money to this important cause.

The value of one teacher reaching out to another to support them in working from home.
The power of many teachers finding creative ways to engage with their students.

The value of one staff member ensuring high-touch surfaces are cleaned regularly.
The power of many staff working together behind the scenes to keep our students healthy and safe.

The value of one parent saying an extra ‘thank you’ to the faculty and staff who have gone above and beyond in supporting the health and well-being of their children.
The power of many parents participating in a ‘thank you’ car rally at a time when faculty and staff needed it the most.

What does the theme, The Value of One, The Power of Many, mean to you? Consider how this theme has revealed itself to you over the last year.

Thank you to all the volunteers out there – for everything you do in a typical year and for everything you aren’t doing this year.
Happy National Volunteer Week!

 Contributed by Christiane Hodson, Advancement