House Changes at Southridge
Erin Labbe


The House system at Southridge has had a few changes over the years, and it’s about to have another one!

The school started with two Houses – the Eagles and the Orcas – who competed yearly for the Eagle/Orca cup. As the school grew, it saw a need to expand the House system, ultimately deciding to separate the Junior and Senior Schools into four Houses each. Students were asked to submit their naming suggestions to a selection committee, and in September 2000, the eight Houses we currently know were born.

The Junior School Houses (Hawks, Ravens, Chinooks, and Otters) were inspired by the original houses (two birds and two sea animals) and BC’s indigenous history. The Senior School chose weather systems after our Southridge Storm athletics: Hurricane, Thunder, Blizzard, and Lightning.

Until now, the Junior and Senior Schools have competed and earned points separately. In alignment with our strategic plan, and our goal of creating more full school experiences from Kindergarten to Grade 12, we are now thrilled to be re-launching our House system as a full K-12 experience. Starting this September 2019, the entire school will be divided into four Houses, each with their own distinct logo and colour: Blizzard (white), Hurricane (red), Lightning (gold) and Thunder (black)! 

You’re likely wondering how students will be assigned to Houses, and when they can get their new t-shirts! Senior School students will remain in their current Houses, and their Junior School siblings will join them as part of that same House. Junior School students who do not have a sibling in the Senior School will be re-assigned to a new House (Hurricane, Blizzard, Lightning or Thunder). Staff and faculty will also be placed in Houses, and parents are encouraged to also consider themselves part of the same House as their children.

What an awesome way to start the 25th year of Southridge – with a united school! We can’t wait to see the fun and excitement this new era in the history of the Southridge House system brings!