Student Poetry - Inside


My mind is a mansion.

A large place covered head to toe 

with everything about me.

It’s all of me.



most people don’t get to see me.

Because long ago I made a mistake.


Long ago I was much less careful 

with what I let in,

and I let in something bad.


It came to my mansion

and I answered the door.

It came inside

and made itself comfortable.


But unlike the others that came 

to my mansion,

this one never left.


And it’s still here.


Then I made another mistake,

and let in two more 

I shouldn’t have.


Similar to the first, 

they found their rooms 

and stayed,

taking over my mansion.


I knew when I heard the walls 


the floor,

laughing as I walked by.


I used to let everyone in, 

no matter what.



I don’t.


Because the ones who took over 

my mansion

made me afraid.


Afraid that if I let anyone else in, 

it would be another mistake.

They would ruin my mansion,

like those still here.


Until I realized that I shouldn’t be afraid,

because bravery came to my door.


I let it in, 


and together we burnt that mansion 

to the ground.



We rebuilt it 



And finally, some can see 


And find 

all of me.

Anonymous, Junior School Student