Look for the helpers
Jessica Waymouth

To say that this year has been hard can be applied in many different contexts for many different people. This year has indeed been hard. While acknowledging these challenges, I also wanted to make a conscious effort to balance things out by searching for positives. I decided to follow Mr. Roger’s advice of “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” It is not always easy advice to follow, but when I take the time to look for the helpers, it always brings me a moment of peace in the middle of any challenge. 

A few years ago, another educator at this school inspired me. Ms. Yamagishi cut off her hair and donated her locks to an organization that creates wigs for cancer patients. While cancer can be a scary challenge that has touched many lives around the world (my family included), here was a helper - right here in our own school! 

With the world in challenging times, I was searching for helpers and ways that I could take action to better the life of someone else, and was reminded of Ms. Yamagishi. Following her example, I decided to cut off 12 inches (that’s half of my hair length) to donate to the same organization to make a wig for someone challenged by cancer. If you, like me, have grown out your locks during the spring and summer, I invite you to take action (a haircut you perhaps were already going to do) and change the life of someone who is facing a challenge. 

The Wigs for Kids BC Hair Donation Criteria:

  • Hair should be a minimum of 10 inches long (please pull curly hair straight to measure).
  • Hair must be clean and dry prior to cutting.
  • Donations MUST be tightly bound in ponytails, secured at the top and end only, with an elastic band. Do not put cut hair in a plastic bag.
  • Coloured or permed hair is not accepted, but highlights are acceptable.
  • Grey hair is acceptable.
  • They accept new hair only - hair that is older than 3 months loses its strength and elasticity and therefore can’t be used to make wigs.

The mailing address for Wigs for Kids BC is:

Wigs for Kids BC
c/o Eva & Co Wigs
107-950 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
V5Z 1K7

*Please ensure you enclose a slip of paper giving the date of haircut, donors name and email address so the hospital can send out a thank you.

Contributed by Ms. Waymouth, PYP French Teacher