Make A Difference
Renée Lepp

A few days before Thanksgiving, I arrived home to find a beautiful little paper gift bag hanging on my front door.  It definitely wasn’t the usual Amazon delivery that appears on my doorstep - which is most often really for my neighbour.  

Inside the little bag I discovered, perfectly wrapped in tissue, a small loaf of homemade pumpkin bread - just for me! I was delighted. It smelled AMAZING and tasted even better! But the best part was knowing that one of our Southridge parents who lives in my neighborhood was thinking of me that day and took the time to let me know. 

The mission of our school is to make a difference.  These words often conjure up grandiose things like curing cancer, solving childhood illiteracy, or giving someone a kidney. Few of us will ever make a difference on that scale, but each of us can show up for someone, in some way, everyday. I value being part of a community that supports one another in tangible ways, especially now as we all face the challenges of COVID-19.

With our admission deadlines just around the corner (November 1st for Kindergarten and December 1st for Grades 1-12), I invite you to consider becoming a part of our Southridge community. Who knows…if your child ends up here, you may well find a little treat on your doorstep one day too!

Contributed by Ms. Lepp, Director of Enrollment