Our “Glori-ous” Country Fair is not to be missed!
Gloria (the Gorilla)

There is nothing better than coming out of hibernation to find myself on the roof of Southridge’s Junior School.

As I slowly inflate, I can see hundreds of adorable students pointing and waving at me with huge smiles on their faces. I know they are welcoming me back after a year away and my appearance is their signal to start making their Country Fair plans. Meeting up with each other at the indoor games, having a Root Beer float followed by face painting, and finally finishing off at Wipe-Out…the County Fair might just be their favourite day of the year. And I get to witness it all!

Indeed, there isn’t a better vantage point for watching your amazing Southridge community in action. Starting on Friday afternoon, I love watching parent volunteers transform school spaces into an extraordinary carnival. On Saturday, students and parents work together, rain or shine, to ensure the event is fun and safe for all. Finally, on Sunday morning, right before I head back into hibernation, I watch the last team of volunteers clean-up and get the school ready again for Monday morning.

I get to go to a lot of events. I’ve sat on the roof of car dealerships and attended many other carnivals and community gatherings. I was even in a parade once! But nothing compares to the Southridge Country Fair. Every year for almost 30 years (with the exception of 2013 when I had emergency surgery on my right leg and those strange covid years), I have had the best seat in the house at the greatest event of all.

Of course, some things about the Fair have changed over the years. It’s certainly gotten a lot bigger since its inception in 1996. I still miss the dunk tank – that was always good for a belly laugh - although, I have to admit that Wipe-Out has proven to be just as funny. I love the addition of the Food Trucks and the various smells that waft up to the roof. 

One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is how fortunate I feel to have a small part in such an incredible undertaking. Thank you for continuing to invite me to preside over the Country Fair and thank you, most of all, for your part in it as well. Without you and all your volunteer hours, the Country Fair could not continue. And I can’t imagine anything sadder than not being there to watch you all in action.

See you on May 11th!

Gloria (the Gorilla)