Reflections on COVID-19 - The Simple Things
Leila Davies

I was never very worried about this pandemic; however, it has certainly given me a greater sense of appreciation for simple things that I had previously overlooked. 

In the beginning, I struggled with online school and most days, found myself tired with sore eyes, as I am sure many others did as well. As I was unable to see my friends in person, I found it difficult to maintain my relationships. Even now with these new security measures in place at our school, I barely get to see my friends as we have no classes together, making the quick ten-minute break between class the only time that we really get to talk at school. I never thought that I would miss going to school to learn, however, after our online school trial run, by the time September finally came around I was ecstatic that we would be allowed to return to Southridge. I never considered how much I would miss being with my friends and family in person until that was no longer possible. Although I desperately want to be able to go to school without wearing a mask, not every change has been negative. In fact, I quite enjoy the new Semester system that Southridge has put in place and I don’t mind the three hour classes as much as I thought that I would. Despite the improvement of our circumstances since the beginning of this pandemic, everything still feels so different. I miss our huge family dinners and being able to hug my friends and I can’t help but feel sad that Halloween will most likely be cancelled this year as I don’t see how Trick-or-Treating will be possible. I am very proud of my community’s resilience and I know that we will get through this if we continue to work together. 

Contributed by Leila D, Grade 11
Originally published in Spirit Magazine - Fall 2020