Student Poetry - Sets Us Free
Nikil S.

Do you have that one thing

That sets you free?

Like a dog off a leash 

Or the feeling after giving a speech


I know that I sure do

But I don't know about you. 

You might not or

You may feel it a lot


But the one thing that sets me free

Feels like I'm in another world

In which you can fly

And the tears of joy are the ones you can cry


It’s how everything fits together

Almost like a painting.

Each of us sees it different

Sometimes magnificent and sometimes munificent


Sometimes it's a boom or a crash

And sometimes it’s a melody.

But the feelings that it makes me feel

Make me believe that it’s unreal


Whether it be music for me

Or something else for you

We all have that one thing

That makes us feel like a king


I have that one thing

That sets me free

But I don’t know about you.

Is there something like this that you can go through?


Contributed by Nikil S, Grade 7 Student