Sharing Knowledge: Alumni to Student Mentoring
Erin McDonald

Mentorship has become a crucial part of the BC School Curriculum, and at Southridge, we’re using mentorship as a valuable way to engage with students during Career and Post-Secondary Guidance classes. Mentors play a pivotal role in the education delivered during these exploratory career years; having our alumni continue to support our students and give back to the school has proven to be very beneficial to both students and the alumni themselves. 

The ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) Program enables alumni to share their professional and personal experiences with current students in order to help prepare them for a successful future. At the beginning of each school year, we work closely with teachers/advisors to pair every Grade 10 and 11 student with an alumni who either shares similar interests in career aspirations or post-secondary institutions. Last year, we paired 144 students with alumni to help them during their career and lifestyle exploration projects. While the structure of the assignments for Grade 10 and 11 students are different, the focus of both is to explore topics such as career planning and transferrable skills, work/life balance, creating a post-secondary pathway, as well as building leadership and teamwork skills.

For the upcoming school year, we are looking to match roughly 140 students with alumni. The program needs alumni who have varied experiences since graduation including entrepreneurs, gap-year experience, and other unconventional pathways to success. We want to be able to provide students with as many perspectives as possible, so we encourage all alumni who are interested in mentorship to join the program. 

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