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Southridge participates in ZoomFest 2019
Chris Westendorf

Southridge student filmmakers won multiple awards including Best Senior Sound Design at the ZoomFest Awards Gala held at Mulgrave School on Saturday, November, 30.

ZoomFest is a 48-hour filmmaking competition for teenagers. Over the course of two days, the students must make a complete film that incorporates the secret theme and prop. This year, the theme was “Haste makes waste” and the prop was a glove. ZoomFest typically has over 100 entries from around the province.

In addition to the Best Senior Sound Design award, Southridge students also took the Best Junior Technical award as well as second in Senior Cinematography and second in Senior Editing.

Congratulations to all of the Southridge students who entered ZoomFest! Please see the list of Southridge award winners below.

1st, Senior Sound Design
“Boss Comin’ For Dinner” (Senior)
Helena Hockertz
Cindy Zhang
Jon Hilton

2nd, Senior Cinematography and 2nd, Senior Editing
“A Star For You” (Senior)
Jorina Lee
Ben Anderson
Alyssa Nolasco-Shuster
Joe Bird
Kaya Januszewska

1st, Junior Techical
“Generation Z” (Junior)
Natassia Lee
Avery Bell
Sam Hernandez



Here's a highlight reel of Southridge student work from ZoomFest 2019:

Submitted by Chris Westendorf, Media Arts Teacher