Southridge Unveils 25th Anniversary Collaborative Art Project
Erin McDonald
As mentioned in the January 22 issue of this blog, to celebrate the school’s 25th anniversary, Southridge alumnus and visual artist Aquil Virani (Class of 2008) created a collaborative art piece with the help of Southridge students and staff. 
The award-winning artist asked each of the 684 Junior and Senior School
students here at Southridge School to draw on a sticky note something they love about Southridge, and each submission has been integrated directly into the participatory artwork. Each contributor can recognize their doodle on the final work, and in doing so, understand how they can both express their unique individuality and fit into a wider community.
“It’s a visual metaphor for community,” says artist Aquil Virani. Tasked with the epic task of commemorating 25 years of learning, excellence, and growth, the former Southridge student has chosen to give others a chance to share their opinion of what makes Southridge so special to them. “How can you possibly pay homage to 25 years? This anniversary – and this school – is much bigger than one image, one viewpoint, or one voice. That’s why the collaborative aspect is so fitting.”
During spring break, the finished art piece will be hung in its permanent location in the Junior School Great Hall. 
Watch how Aquil brought the art piece to life!    


And here's the beautiful finished project:


Thanks to Aquil and all the students and staff that contributed to bringing this beautiful commemorative art project to life!