Spread the Joy of Learning
Hanna Grover

Education is a crucial part in a child’s development and a large component of that learning comes from books. I have always been an avid reader and appreciated the wonderful realm of knowledge books give to a student. My main goal with this book drive is to give children the opportunity to experience that.

Reflecting back, reading has been an important part of my learning growing up. We all start with picture books and memories of our favorite stories that we look back on to this day. I remember my cherished books as a child and I truly believe these moments are irreplaceable. The joy of reading is valuable and something that should be shared with all. Additionally, the importance of children literacy is something to be discussed. Each small effort made to improve and give back to our community truly adds up and creates a difference in the world. With all this in mind, I decided to start up the book drive in the Southridge community to give under-resourced children a chance to own books of their own.

We are collaborating with a Vancouver based organization called Books For Me that has set up programs in various schools and locations to give children who cannot afford books the chance to own them. The programs allow each child to choose one book per visit out of their inventory of donated books. The book drive will be continuing this week until Thursday November 10th — so please consider donating any books (aged 0-12) you may have to go to a great cause. Thank you to those who have already donated, your support is appreciated!

I hope this book drive raises awareness to all about the importance of education and literacy for children, and how simply donating a book can spread the joy of learning.

Contributed by Hanna G., Grade 9 Student