Student Poetry - Buzzer Beater
Jason L.

As the ball leaves my hand

Everything stopped

It was like time froze

Like a light switch turned to off

Like a power outage in the dead of the night

The shot that matters most

At the right place and the right time

It all depends on that one shot


The whole game was very even

We had the vision to make passes

We had the height to grab rebounds

We had the form to make shots

We had perfected it all

And yet our opponent just played better 


As a wild shot hits the rim

An opportunity shines

We start on a fast break

But they set-up a full court press

With the clock winding down

Being down two

We had to make a move


We play our hardest

It seems to be all over

Until, the ball ends up in my hands

With no defender near

I lift the ball with all I’ve got

And take one critical last shot


The ball sails through the air

And starts to fall

The final buzzer calls

But there is one more sound



Contributed by Jason L, Grade 7 Student