Student Writing: The Layers Between Us
Hanna Grover


Congratulations to Hanna G. who won first place in the Global Peace Alliance Youth Literature category!  


The Layers Between Us


our friendship is like two stars colliding
we both look to make sure the other is okay
and without hesitation
we apologize
no matter who had the faulty ways


our friendship is like a square with no walls,
we try and search for the corners,
but are distracted in the endless maze
and end up laughing
in each other’s space


our friendship is like the indigo blue waters
we like to go with the flow
but take the risk to stop and
enjoy the gentle waves,
nice and slow


our friendship is like a hidden outfit,
discovered before date night
each stitch and seam
hugs you just right

our bond, dear friend
is still an unexplainable mystery
and sometimes
that is the best part

Contributed by: Hanna G, Grade 9 Student