Summertime Tips
Annie Newman and Joelle Prevost

If you read our last blog about reflecting, you hopefully agree that summer is a great time to put what you’ve learned, including some new habits, into action! So we’ve come up with four summer tips to help you make the most of the next few months. 

Summer tip #1 is to ask yourself, “how can I start taking care of my September self now?” Think back to the beginning of this school year. What do you wish you had better prepared? What obstacles got in the way? How can you set yourself up for success differently (if needed)? Creating and implementing a regular, consistent self-care routine before things get busy will make it really easy to manage stressful times when they inevitably arise!

Summer tip #2 is to balance those thoughts of life in September with some guilt-free (or as low-guilt as you can get) time off. Little moments of mindfulness and being in-the-moment can really help, as we can often be worrying about the future without realizing it. Try to remind yourself (with post-its, phone alarms, an accountability partner, or daily ritual) to pause, take a breath, and enjoy the sun, time off, sleeping in, and no homework!

Summer tip #3 is to try something that you can’t do during the school year, or that you put off during the school year. This could include things like reading for pleasure, outdoor water/sporting activities, mountain biking, etc. 

Summer tip #4 is to keep being active in service and in your community. While our Southridge community takes a short break over summer, it might be a good idea to connect with other local communities. Try contacting some local initiatives to see if there are ways to help out and get involved (e.g. a soup kitchen, adult day programs, modified summer camps). These might look different with COVID restrictions, but once you find something, it can be a great way to get out of the house and feel good connecting with and helping others.    

Submitted by Annie Newman and Joelle Prevost, Senior School Counsellors