The Hope of Spring
Kevin Bespflug

Spring is my favourite time of year. I love the longer days, the warmer sun, and the blossoms that signal that winter is over. There is something about a daffodil or a tulip that reminds us that hope is blooming--that even in these very challenging times, it will all be OK.

My husband lovingly teases me about this, calling me the Urban Flower Photographer, as he knows that we cannot go for a walk without me stopping several times to capture an image of the beauty that I see in the smallest bud juxtaposed with the grey concrete of a Vancouver sidewalk.

To me, these spring flowers feel even more hopeful this April. Perhaps it is because of the long, metaphorical winter of COVID. Perhaps it is because of the heart-wrenching images that we see on the news each evening. Perhaps it is because we need hope now more than ever.

As a member of the Southridge community, I feel that same hope of spring each day that I teach. I feel it as an English teacher, as I read the heartfelt words my Grade 7 students write in their poems. I feel it as a music teacher, as I watch students create and perform with joy. And I feel it as I walk through the hallways and am greeted with a genuine smile and “Hi, Dr. B!” from a younger student I don’t yet teach. These actions by our students are tangible reminders of the hope that exists in our world--hope for today, and hope for our future.

And so, as the days grow longer and the trees turn to green, I invite you to take a few minutes to notice the beauty that can be found in the little things this spring.

May the hope of this beautiful season sustain us all into summer, fall, and next winter—because, as spring reminds us, there is always hope.

PS - Stay tuned on the blog everyday this week for some creative poetry from our Grade 7 students. 

Contributed by Kevin Bespflug, Junior School Teacher