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Using Vidigami in our Southridge Community
Natasha Karan

Vidigami has proven to be a great photo and video sharing platform for the Southridge community. The goal for this year is to increase the number of photos and videos we upload so we can continue to share all the amazing day-to-day activities happening on and off campus. We invite all current parents, students, and faculty and staff to continue to (or start to) use Vidigami. If you have not yet used it, please log-in and check it out! It's a great way to keep up-to-date on all the events and activities happening in our community!

Here are quick how to’s in using Vidigami:
Download the Vidigami app on your mobile device which is easy to use and navigate. Once you login you will see all the latest albums. Skip uploading photos to the computer and then uploading it to Vidigami. With the Vidigami app, you can directly upload photos into the appropriate album directly from your phone.
  1. Upload photos 
  2. Select the group for which you want to create the album
  3. Click the ‘New Album’ button or find an existing album that corresponds with your photos
  4. Give your album a specific name and select the date if it is a ‘new album’
  5. Select your album and upload your photos or videos

Please keep in mind to only upload appropriate photos (avoid duplicates and blurry photos).

Collect photos of your child

  1. You can click “Tag Faces” to start tagging a photo by searching their name
  2. You may quickly access their photos at any time by clicking on your child’s name in the sidebar

Create custom sets

Any user can create a set (i.e. just for your child or specific event) and add photos from any group that you have access to. You can access your own sets via the “My Sets” link in the top bar.

  1. Simply open an album and click on the top left checkmark
  2. Select 'Add to Sets' in the top bar
  3. Create your set in "my sets", name your set, and save

We encourage everyone in the Southridge community to upload all relevant school activities, trips, classroom photos, and videos in Vidigami under the appropriate groups and albums. Take advantage of this great tool which allows us to share and capture important memories!

Need a quick tutorial? Email Natasha Karan ( to schedule a time to go over Vidigami or ask any questions.

By Natasha Karan, Communications & Marketing