What lifts you?
Dayanna Platt, Pierce O. and Ethan D.

At the start of this school year, the PYP and MYP art classes worked on creating a collaborative art project to display in the Junior School. Students looked at the work of the international street artist, Kelsey Montague, for inspiration and her work with the mural project, “What Lifts You”. Each student then created an individual feather with images and words that inspire them and zentangle patterns. The feathers then were put together on display to create a set of wings with the motto: What Lifts You? 


Here are some reflections on the project written by two Grade 7 students: 

"Every year, the students at Southridge Junior School do a collaborative art project. This year, we made a piece inspired by Kelsey Montague’s “What Lifts You” series. We were tasked with each making a feather that included different things that we enjoyed, or lifted us. Then, our feathers would be put together to form a pair of wings, floating on the wall. On my feather, I drew a circuit board to represent that I enjoy using technology. I also drew a mountain to symbolize my liking of the outdoors. These are just examples of what I put on my piece of this project, and everyone from grades seven, six, five, and even grade four, flew in to add their touch to the project. In the end, this is one of my collaborative favourite art pieces that I have taken part in. I say this because, in this piece, everyone can express who they are in more ways than before. Firstly, you have to cut out your own feather, so you can express what shapes you like through that. Secondly, you can add your own drawings, colours and designs to the piece to show more of who you are. Finally, when the creation is complete, and everyone has added their feather, you can pose in front of the work and leave your mark in the digital world through photography.

- Pierce O., Grade 7

The Grade 4, 5, 6, 7 students had an assignment on making a wing display where each student was to make their own feather inspired by the theme “What Lifts You”. In the end, we would add all the feathers up and arrange them in the shape of two wings. This piece was inspired by Kelsey Montague and the art pieces that she does with this same theme. On each student's feather they would put patterns about what lifts you or about what you enjoy. For example, on my feather I put a tree branch to display how I enjoy being in nature. My favourite part of this project was how everyone got to collaboratively work on this project together. We were all working on different feathers but in the end we were able to put them all together to make the bigger picture. I think that this project helped students express themselves through patterns and art. This art piece was one of my favourite collaborative art pieces that I have ever worked on in the Junior School. I can’t wait for next year to do another art piece together as a school.  

- Ethan D., Grade 7

Contributed by Ms. Platt, Grade 6 & 7 Art Teacher, Pierce O. and Ethan D.