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What to expect at Open House
Renée Lepp



Every year at Southridge, we host a Junior School and Senior School Open House Event to give people an opportunity to come and ‘try us on for size.’  This year is our school’s 25th Anniversary and our 25th Open House and we are in a celebrating mood!

In that spirit, I thought I’d give you 25 things you might experience if you join us:

  1. 100+ kids in uniforms running around with huge ASK ME buttons 
  2. Parent volunteers directing parking and greeting you as you arrive 
  3. Board members checking you in at registration 
  4. A very excited and confident student ready to give you a personalized tour/answer your questions 
  5. A flying pig in the science lab
  6. The chance to sample the best triple fudge brownies in the world 
  7. ALL of our TEACHERS and STAFF waiting to meet you and share their passions
  8. Our mascot, SAL, who will high five you with his flippers!
  9. A very talented spoken word poet
  10.  A Senior School without DESKS 
  11.  A Junior School with flexible furniture and cool “Maker Spaces” 
  12.  A look at our campus expansion
  13.  A Biology lab with a few “pets” including a chance to hold a snake or three
  14. Grass/turf fields for play, competition, and making friends
  15. Two Robots named Orca and Eagle walking about
  16. Kids who love going to school 
  17. Students dissecting a cow’s eye
  18. Amazing K-12 art displayed everywhere 
  19. A European Battlefield trip display 
  20. Yukele’s, band, choir, and jazz music
  21. A drama troupe 
  22. A Media Art working lab
  23. A word from our Head of School (he’s the one with the bow tie)
  24. No locks on our lockers 
  25. An amazing feeling of community










While this is a great opportunity to view the campus and explore our educational programs and extracurricular activities, we hope you come away with the understanding that Southridge is really about PEOPLE - the great kids we have and the community that supports them. We hope to see you there!

Learn more and RSVP at

Submitted by: Renée Lepp, Admissions