Our giving – the cumulative generosity of our time, talent and treasure – built this school. Without our giving, we simply would not be.

Our founding families and friends were one when they rallied the support needed to get Southridge off the ground. They were one when they recruited teachers and students even when there was no guarantee of success. They were one when they built and expanded our facilities that required them to amass debt and take personal financial risks in guaranteeing it.This selfless generosity – knowing that their sacrifices were not for the benefit of their own children but for the generations of students who would follow – is a precious inheritance. Today, our giving ensures that our beloved school continues to soar.

As an independent school, we receive no funding for our capital expenses. Acquiring and developing our land, building and maintaining our facilities, equipping and furnishing our classrooms, has and will continue to require the financial support of our families and friends.We will always be one in the gifts that we give. We will always be one in the gifts that we give.

Rewards of Contribution

“Our level of contribution is a stretch for us but it is reflective of our belief in Southridge School.

It’s a comfort to have such powerful partners as the teachers and support staff in coaching our son toward his potential. I wish we had the wherewithal to give the same size cheque to each teacher and staff member.

All of you contribute in so many ways so much more rewarding than our pledges, tuition, and volunteer time. Our spirits soar with pride and joy to be part of the Southridge community.”