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Four Southridge teams nominated for ZoomFest awards!

Four teams of Southridge Students have been nominated for ZoomFest awards this year! ZoomFest is an intensive 48-hour filmmaking competition for teens that took place October 18-20 this year. Teams from across the province were given the secret criteria at 5:00 pm on Thursday of the contest weekend. They handed in a completed film by 5:00 pm on Saturday of the same weekend.

The awards gala promises to be an exciting evening and is coming up on Saturday, November 24 at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver. Huge congratulations to all of the students who took on the challenge of ZoomFest this year! Please see the highlight reel of Southridge student work from ZoomFest 2018 and the list of nominees below!


Southridge ZoomFest Nominees:

“A Free Treat” (Junior)

  • Helena Hockertz
  • Cindy Zhang

“Sold Out” (Junior)

  • Maria Cucerca
  • Dominic Perez

“You Don’t Get Something for Nothing” (Junior)

  • Mackenzie Wells
  • Taziya Lalani
  • Georgia Thacker
  • Susan Wang

“Consequences” (Junior)

  • Nylah Grewal
  • Anette Cheyne
  • Nisha Neelakant
  • Emma Lawson