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Intermediate Reach for the Top Team Wins Silver

I would like to acknowledge the members of the junior Reach for the Top team. We have over 10 students in Grades 8 through 10 who meet regularly on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. They are a light-hearted group of keen and intelligent students who come together for comradery, good snacks and a desire to answer questions about a whole myriad of subjects.

On Friday, March 8th, eight of the junior players (Sam, Keith, Jayden, Ciaran, Laurier, Matthew, Emile, and Jack) were able to represent Southridge at the provincial Reach for the Top tournament that was held this year at St. Georges School in Vancouver. They finished first after round-robin play having answered more questions correctly than any other school in B.C. and moved on to the elimination rounds.

As we hoped and expected, they found themselves in a nail-biter of a final match with the host team. In the end, they walked away with their heads held high and a silver medal hanging from their necks. They are to be congratulated for their effort and dedication to the team.

I cannot say enough about these students’ integrity, commitment and sense of fun. We have had a great year and I look forward to playing again in September.

Mme Mullen