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Southridge Student 1 of Only 20 in Canadian Geographic Challenge – National Final

For the past 15 years, the Social Studies Department has conducted the Canadian Geographic Challenge (The Geo-Challenge”) with our students. The first round involves an extremely difficult geography test that all students at Southridge from Grades 8 to 10 take each year. From that test, the top 10 in the school compete for the School Championship round and then our school champion goes on to the Provincial Challenge against the other top geography students from across British Columbia.

This year something special has happened – one of our students, for the very first time, has made it to the National Final. Keith Christofferson is only one of twenty students from all across Canada who will compete in the National Final in Ottawa, our nation’s capital city from May 25-27. 

We would like to congratulate Keith for this amazing accomplishment and we all wish him the best as he competes in the National Final in May. Way to go, Keith!  

Mr. Knihniski
Senior Socials Studies Teacher