At Southridge, we believe that a strong character is just as important as a strong mind, so we place equal importance on character development and academic learning. Our goal is to give our students a first-rate education, along with the integrity, compassion, and confidence to apply it in a way that makes a positive difference in the world.

We offer a supportive environment in which students can discover, explore, and share their interests and passions through our four pillars: academics, arts, athletics, and service.  

"I see the four pillars as a huge strength for Southridge. This school does not only put emphasis on just academics or one of the other pillars but equally values each one, and because of this everyone can find at least one thing for them to be passionate about at school."

-Eva Lofing, 2020 Alumni

Students are encouraged to:

  • Become collaborators and learn with others
  • Learn to take responsible risks in a safe environment
  • Ask thoughtful questions
  • Utilize critical thinking and problem solving to gain understanding
  • Develop confidence as a result of self-expression
  • Learn through authentic experiences
  • Actively reflect on their learning and character
  • Discover that attitude is a key component to academic success