Southridge is a community of learners who build knowledge, skills, and attitudes together. At Southridge, we are partners in each child’s learning journey!

As a university preparatory day school, Southridge provides a stimulating diverse academic Kindergarten to Grade 12 program with an enriched curriculum that is consistent with BC Ministry of Education guidelines. 

Across our K-12 program, our students are encouraged to:

  • Become collaborators and learn with others

  • Learn to take responsible risks in a safe environment

  • Ask thoughtful questions

  • Utilize critical thinking and problem solving to gain understanding

  • Develop confidence as a result of self-expression

  • Learn through authentic experiences

  • Actively reflect on their learning and character

  • Discover that attitude is a key component to academic success

Learn more about our Junior School Academics program.

Learn more about our Senior School Academics program.

The Educational Philosophy
We believe in encouraging all students to pursue excellence in accordance with their abilities through:

  • Promoting innovation, creativity, flexibility, and intellectual challenge in an environment that encourages wonder.
  • Developing those academic and personal strengths necessary for success in future studies including high levels of energy, motivation, organization and self-discipline.
  • Emphasizing as educational essentials those aspects of training, experience, and exploration provided by the visual and performing arts.
  • Encouraging physical fitness and the life-long enjoyment of physical activities; and nurturing the principles of good health, whether physical, mental, or emotional.

We believe that the student grows as a person by developing independence, self-discipline, integrity,
and a sense of self-worth and social responsibility through:

  • Stressing questioning, collaboration, cooperation and contribution as complementary aspects of intellectual and personal development.
  • Constructing meaning as a continuous pursuit of truth in all of its dimensions. 
  • Fostering compassion, civility, a social conscience, and respect for the environment as a basis of good citizenship.
  • Helping each student to best determine their own values and beliefs through exposure to those enduring values which sustain enlightened society.
  • Assuring that these aspects of growth are achieved in a school environment that values the principles of pluralism. We believe in sustaining the school as a community of students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators with unique roles and shared responsibilities.