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Junior School

The Junior School is a vibrant place for elementary school aged children to grow, learn, and begin to explore and discover their unique talents, and interests.We embrace an educational experience that nurtures the whole child through academics, athletics, arts, service, and character development.  

Core elements of the Junior School: 

  • The International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle Years Programs provide the philosophy and framework for our Kindergarten - Grade 7 academic program.
  • A focus on building positive relationships amongst students and teachers through daily, extended homeroom time
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) through the Second Step® program (K-Grade 7).
  • A student services department that provides learning strategies support in and out of the classroom, and counsellors who support social and emotional wellness.
  • Core and specialist subject teachers across all grades.
  • Technology enhanced learning, with a one-to-one laptop program beginning in Grade 5.
  • An extensive co-curricular and athletics program.
  • Opportunities for student-initiated action and service in the school, community, and world.
  • Opportunities for leadership development through contribution to the school (e.g. Grade 7 House Captain/Ambassador program).
  • Special events and opportunities for students across Kindergarten - Grade 7 (e.g. house events, feasts, Gr. 5-7 musical, K-4 arts showcase, Speech Day).
  • Spacious facilities that include well-equipped classrooms, a Great Hall, library, design lab, music room, two art rooms, a science lab, large playground, and fields.
  • Caring, collaborative, and committed teachers and leaders.

The Junior School Promise

The Junior School promise is an essential agreement that helps every member of our community live our school values of truth, tolerance, compassion, and respect every day.

As a valued member of this community, I promise to…

  • Show caring through kindness, compassion, and respect towards myself and others.
  • Be principled by telling the truth, acting with integrity, making choices that are good for everyone, and taking responsibility for my actions and their consequences.
  • Be balanced by making choices that will keep my body and spirit well, arriving at school on time every day, attending regularly, and being prepared with what I need to learn for the day.
  • Commit to do my best as a learner who seeks to become more knowledgeable about myself, others, and the world by being an inquirer.
  • Be courageous by participating in activities, trying different things, and taking risks that will help me grow in positive ways.
  • Be a creative and critical thinker by taking on a solution focused approach to solving problems, considering how my choices will impact myself and others, and taking responsible action.
  • Be a communicator by asking for help when I need it, expressing my needs respectfully, and using my voice to encourage and support others.
  • Be open-minded towards the perspectives and needs of others, even if my perspective or needs are different from theirs.
  • Be reflective by appreciating my own strengths and challenges, and considering how they can help me grow.
In doing my/our best to keep these promises, I/we will influence the Southridge community in positive ways and promote a safe and caring school climate for everyone.