Learning Support

Southridge's Senior School provides academic and testing accommodations for students in Grade 8 through 12. The Learning Resource Specialist evaluates, develops, and implements services for individual students to decrease the barriers to education that a student might experience as a result of a language-based disability, a math disability, or deficits in memory, attention, and processing skills.

At the Senior School, the Learning Resource Specialist provides academic testing accommodations for students who have a current (within the past two years) Psycho-Educational Assessment. Through the development of an Individualized Educational Plan or a Student Support Plan, a student may be eligible for some of the following accommodations that would be monitored by the Learning Resource Specialist.

  • Scribes
  • Alternative Print Formats (e.g., e-text, readers)
  • Extended time
  • Adaptive equipment/technology (Dragon Speak)
  • Alternate setting
  • Word processor, spell check, grammar check
  • Calculator and/or formula sheet