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Grades 11-12

Southridge’s enriched, rigorous, university oriented academic curriculum and committed faculty have supported students in achieving excellent Advanced Placement and Provincial examination results. Although established relatively recently in 1995, Southridge now ranks as one of the region’s leading independent schools. Many of our students have secured places and won scholarships at prestigious universities in Canada, the UK and the US.

Southridge seeks out superior teachers and provides first-rate facilities and technologies to ensure that students have an optimal learning environment. Teachers inspire and motivate their students with stimulating and challenging lessons. The thoughtful integration and application of technology in learning also sets Southridge apart as a leader. For those students who need a little extra time or additional help, faculty members also provide individual tutorial time.

A full range of academic electives is introduced in Grade 11. Students select their programs according to their strengths and preferences with the guidance of our in-school our University Counselor. The strength of our university-planning program is evidenced by our students’ high success rates in gaining admittance to the institutions of their choice. The Southridge academic program covers all prerequisites for students seeking to enter the faculties of the arts, sciences, engineering, business and foreign languages at universities in Canada, the United States and Europe.