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Located in the heart of the Senior School, the Alderdice Library provides students and staff with a well-resourced learning environment where they can study, collaborate and relax. Students can use a variety of areas to connect and learn, from couches by the stone fireplace to window benches to collaborative table configurations. The library is dynamic and warm, inviting all members of the school community to enjoy the space.

The teacher-librarian works closely with faculty not only to provide authentic opportunities for critical thinking and research, but also to promote academic integrity and inquiry. We are proud to have partnered with RefWorks, a resource management software, to provide students with the tools and experience to be responsible researchers and proficient collaborators. 

The library boasts an extensive digital collection as well. There are thousands of ebooks and audiobooks as well as subscriptions to numerous online resources, journals, and databases.

In partnership with the English Department, the library administers the Accelerated Reader program, which enables students to develop their independence as readers while encouraging them to engage with a broad selection of contemporary and classic texts.

The Alderdice Library aims to be a place for the entire Southridge community to read, learn, and connect.