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Southridge strives to integrate technology across the curriculum in an effort to accommodate different learning styles and intelligences, enhance creativity, develop problem solving strategies, and improve critical thinking skills. Technology does not stand alone; it is best used when seamlessly incorporated into teacher lessons in different subjects to help students achieve desired learning outcomes.

Southridge is a leader in the implementation and use of school technology. All students from Grade 5 to graduation have laptops that they use as part of the school’s one-to-one program. The majority of classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards, which allow teachers and students to interact with educational software, digital media, and the internet in a dynamic and user-friendly manner.

Southridge understands that through the use of technology in the classroom, the boundaries of learning are extended beyond the physical location of the classroom and the hours of the school day. Using the school’s website, students are able to check for homework, join educational discussions, review and preview lessons through uploaded teacher videos, and take ownership of their learning in a variety of other ways. Educational technology enables teachers and students to connect with others locally and globally for the purpose of collaborative learning.

Southridge teaches the skills and ethics necessary to thrive in an increasingly technology-rich world. Because technology sometimes outpaces moral and legal considerations, a solid framework for ethical use of technology is taught to our students. Students are empowered to use technology in a safe and ethical manner to enrich their understanding of themselves and their community, both locally and globally.