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Senior School

As one of the four pillars of education here at Southridge School, we believe that developing an understanding and appreciation for the Fine and Performing Arts is an important part of every student’s growth and development on their journey towards adulthood. We work towards building students’ knowledge and skills in these areas, and promoting careers for those with the aptitude and interest.

We encourage students to develop skills and techniques that enable them to communicate authentically, powerfully, and effectively using their artistic voices. As students study historical and contemporary arts, they learn how to use process and technique to communicate, collaborate, and interpret their experiences as human beings through the universal lens of aesthetics.

Southridge Senior School offers training in four artistic disciplines: Visual Arts, Drama, Media Arts, and Music. Students in Grade 8 receive instruction in all four, while those in Grade 9 and above have the opportunity to choose any two of the above as a curricular study.

Co-curricular involvement is a large part of the creative experience here at the school. A variety of clubs meet outside of class time and there are local and international travel opportunities embedded into all the programs to further expand the arts experience. Students also reach out to the greater community through the fine and performing arts in a variety of service oriented initiatives. By using the power of the arts to reach others in meaningful ways, students build strong relationships through artful communication and collaboration.