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Visual Arts

Our Senior Visual Art program at Southridge School is flexible and organic; in allowing the program to develop as an ecosystem of individuals with a collective goal in mind in conjunction with the Senior School Educational Program, the mission and vision of our school, we strive to meet the needs of both the talented and the tenacious. Students in the program are encouraged to understand they are the authors of their own experience and they must recognize that success will come if they work from within. It is an underlying understanding in the studio that intrinsic motivation, combined with the requisite skills, creates art and concepts that are dynamic, meaningful and relevant. Through discussion and critiques, students learn to critically analyse themselves and others. They are encouraged to take creative risks and tap into their own innate abilities, while recognizing that the mastery of techniques and concepts indeed are essential to the success of visual communication. The images and objects they produce often reflect sophisticated, contemporary concepts, which intend to ask us to think about our world and our own choices within it.

Besides our regular curriculum, the visual arts program at Southridge School strives to further enrich the student’s understanding of the power of creativity by offering several opportunities to expand knowledge and experience beyond the campus; external exhibitions, local field trips and international arts tours are just some of the ways we offer students alternative world perspectives; from visits to the Vancouver Art Gallery, to the exploration of places such as New York and France, students adventure and explore with brush in hand, or at least in mind. Furthermore, building relationships within the local community through service oriented endeavours are extremely important to our experience as artists at the school; additional ways that the visual art program moves beyond the regular curriculum lie in our relationships with Semiahmoo House Society, SUMM Place and the White Rock South Surrey Hospice association, for example. These relationships are built through the creation of art and especially speak to our desire to use the power of the arts to reach out to others in meaningful and tangible ways.