Senior School At-Home Learning and Return to Campus 

In the Senior School, the shift to at-home learning has been relatively smooth. Since the beginning of April, students have been following their usual timetables, logging into classes using the Google Meet platform, and continuing with synchronous classes (where all students in a particular class are online with their teacher at the same time) and asynchronous classes (students have assignments that they work on and can access teachers and classmates for support). Though this is not the teaching method that most educators have been trained in, Southridge teachers have risen to the challenge and have done an outstanding job supporting our student’s learning and growth. The ability to pivot - something I used to think you did, for the most part, on a basketball court - is the new reality we have all discovered is an important skill in navigating these very uncertain times. 

Brad Smith
Senior School Principal

The focus for at-home/online learning is on essential learning across all grades and subjects. Students will be expected to participate in at-home learning each weekday as directed by their teachers.

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