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One spirit can inspire others.

We feel the energy on the playing field when one student dares to fly above his or her personal best. Every heart beats faster, each breath is drawn deeper and every spirit draws strength from another’s courage.

Senior Girls Soccer Win Fraser Valley TitleAt Southridge, we believe students develop important character, leadership and personal and practical skills through participation in athletics. Involvement in athletics allows our students to develop a deeper connection with Southridge and we believe the opportunity to represent their school fosters a sense of spirit. We believe that participation in athletics assists students to develop an appreciation for the importance of life-long physical activity and well being.

In the Junior School, it is recognized that a fine balance exists between participation and performance. This dichotomy is addressed through balancing playing time equally amongst all members of a team in Grades 5 and 6; whereas, in Grade 7 and in limited-entry events and invitational tournaments, there is a progression towards a performance orientation in keeping with the Independent School Elementary Association (ISEA) guidelines. This means that in Grade 7, not all players will get equal playing time, and not all members of our cross-country, swimming, and track and field teams will compete in all meets. All athletes, coaches, and parents are expected to adhere to the Athletics Code of Conduct available in the Parent Resource Center (Athletics Section) on the Southridge School Parent Portal. While participation in the athletics co-curricular program is not mandatory, all students are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one co-curricular athletics activity each year. 

In the Senior School, the focus is on developing competitive athletics programs with a performance mindset. To help build these programs, all Grade 8 students are encouraged to try out for and participate in our core sport offerings. On junior and senior teams, our performance mindset heightens, and the natural tension increases between individual athlete playing time and team success. Each team strives to compete at the highest level and endeavours to win championships. Over the course of a season, efforts are made to develop all team members; however, there is not an equal distribution of playing time in games. All athletes, coaches, and parents are expected to adhere to the Athletics Code of Conduct. 

Our teams compete for Surrey, Fraser Valley and Provincial Championships, as well as Independent School Association titles at the Provincial level. There are also opportunities for teams to participate in Provincial, National and International tours and as well as invitational tournaments throughout B.C.

In addition to the competitive athletics program, Southridge offers a wide range of recreational opportunities to allow students to meet the goals of the program and their needs for physical fitness. Recreational options include lunch-time activities centered around intramural activities and after-school activities related to physical fitness. All recreational programs welcome both boys and girls.