After Graduation


We are extremely proud of the many Southridge alumni who have gone on to pursue athletic careers at the Varsity level in university and college. These former standout members of the Storm program continued to pursue their passion at the next level after helping to shape a proud tradition of athletic excellence at Southridge. We were privileged to have them play here at Southridge and are proud of their continued success at their respective colleges and universities.

Below is an ever growing list of Southridge alumni who have gone on to participate in inter-collegiate athletics.

Name Graduation College/University Sport
Katherine Toy 2018 McMaster University Swimming
Isabelle Lei 2018 McMaster University Swimming
Lauren Andrews 2018 University of British Columbia (B.C.) Junior Varisty Field Hockey
Esha Gill 2018 University of British Columbia (B.C.) Junior Varisty Field Hockey
Sonya Grover 2018 McMaster University Varsity Field Hockey
Julia Tregabov 2018 University of Saskatchewan Volleyball
Landon Gill 2017 University of Saskatchewan Track and Field
Hunter Hughes 2016 University of Western Ontario / University of Victoria Basketball
Dominic Clayton 2016 University of Western Ontario Basketball
Nick Collett 2014 University of British Columbia (B.C.) Rugby
Drew Coles 2014 University of British Columbia (B.C.) Rugby
 Shayne Reaume  2013  Lakeland College (Alberta)  Soccer
Chelsea Andreou 2013 Guelph University (Ontario) Field Hockey
Austyn Baumeister 2012 Guelph University (Ontario) Field Hockey
Katie Bishop 2012 Laurier University (Ontario) Soccer
Shannon Fraser 2012 Laurier University (Ontario) Soccer
Carina Lauzon 2012 Colorado College Soccer
Emma Mittermaier 2012 McMaster University (Ontario) Aquatics
Jamie Oleksiew 2012 University of Colorado (Boulder) Golf
Evan Broderick 2011 Simon Fraser University (B.C) Aquatics
Lauren Coles 2011 Queen’s University (Ontario) Volleyball
Mary Jane Ferguson 2011 Buena Vista University (Iowa, U.S.A.) Tennis
Max Grouette 2011 Bishop’s University (Quebec)


Alice Podmore 2010  McGill University (Quebec) Field Hockey
Katrina Ward 2010 Sir Wilfred Laurier University (Ontario) Soccer
Valerie Ward 2010   Guelph University (Ontario) Swimming
Jordan Yee 2010 Queen’s University (Ontario) Basketball
Tayla Westgard 2009 University of British Columbia (B.C.) Softball
Kurtis Osborne 2009 Trinity Western University (B.C.) Basketball
Sydney Kolysher 2009 University of Connecticut (Conn., U.S.A.)) Field Hockey
Mitchell Davidson 2009 Linfield (Oregon, U.S.A.) Div.lll Tennis
Maverick Wilson 2008 Queen’s University (Ontario) Rugby
Oliver Friesen 2008 Queen’s University (Ontario) Basketball
Nicole Davidson 2008 Acadia University (Wolfville, N.S.) Volleyball
Lane Baumeister 2007  York University (Ontario) Field Hockey
Tessa MacDougall 2006 Syracuse University (New York, U.S.A.)) Soccer
Ian McMaster 2006 Pt. Loma Nazarene (California) Baseball
Janelle Roger 2006 Queen’s University (Ontario) Basketball
Jennifer Brawn 2006 Harvard University (Massachusetts, U.S.A.) Ice Hockey
Briana Botsford 2005 Queen’s University (Ontario) Aquatics/Water Polo
Lewis Lees-Buckley 2005 Exeter University, England Varsity Rugby
Taryn Casey 2005 Bucknell University (Pennsylvania, U.S.A.) Track & Field
Chase Sereda 2003 University of British Columbia & Canadian National Team Rugby
Ian Tang 2003 University of Calgary (Alberta) Rugby
Mia Baumeister 2002 University of Toronto (Ontario) Aquatics
Kristin Leuszler 2000 McGill University (Quebec) Ice Hockey
Simon Hayes 1999 University of Victoria (B.C.) Soccer