Southridge Storm
Senior Boys Rugby Team - Undefeated Season!

The Senior Boys rugby team has had a very successful year so far having finished their regular season with a record of six wins and zero losses.

They are currently playing in the AA/AAA tier two division which includes teams such as Walnut Grove, Rick Hansen, and Terry Fox. However, a record like this does not just come naturally, it requires not only work but also chemistry between the members of the team, which has players from Grade 9 to Grade 12. Many hours are put in by both players and the coaches whether it be by practicing or just talking about strategies and the sport itself.

Both of the senior coaches (Mr. Johnstone and Blackie) dedicate not only their own time to this team but they also are taking time away from their families. Their dedication to the success of this team is something that is contagious and immediately seen by all who have met the two.

Along with the coaches, when the team goes out whether it is practice or games, they mean business and will put in all their effort in order to win the game. The effort and determination the boys show during games can be seen by everyone on the field. No matter how close the other team may be to scoring, the team just keeps digging and will win the possession. The boys have come together and jelled both on and off the field which results in the team being able to communicate well and motivate each other. They have bonded to the point where they trust each other and they know that their teammates have their back no matter what happens.

This year's squad has been very dominant so far in its games with the scores of the last two games being 66-0 and 72-0. With regular season play now complete, the boys are looking forward to playoffs and hope to translate their prowess in the regular season into a Fraser Valley banner. Hopes are extremely high and the boys are very passionate not only about the sport but about the team itself.

Anokh Gill
Grade 11