We offer a comprehensive arts program for our Kindergarten to Grade 7 students. 

Music in the Junior School focuses on the four principal elements of music education -- performing, appreciation/listening, creativity, and analysis – through singing, speech, movement, and playing instruments. Our program enables all students to explore, create, express, and communicate thoughts, images, and feelings through music. It also lays the groundwork for life-long involvement in music making and music appreciation.

In Grades 6 and 7, our music program focuses on the acquisition of skills and knowledge relating to one of the concert band instruments – woodwinds, brass, or percussion. While the emphasis is on the technical mastery, the goal is to develop musicians who are capable of accurate renditions of a written score in an appropriate, musically engaging way.

The Visual Arts program strives to develop students’ creative abilities so that they can express themselves through visual media. While fostering an appreciation of a wide variety of art forms, we help our students develop skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, paper arts, and printmaking. We support art appreciation through exposure to art of various styles, historical periods, and cultures. Reflection on students’ own work as well as the work of others helps students stretch themselves creatively while enjoying the beauty and variety the visual arts offers.